My DC Handyman

My DC Handyman offers residential and commercial painting services in Washington, D.C. Our team of painters is vastly experienced and they all have a passion for painting, which allows them to deliver excellent results to clients. The best painters, the best paint and the best results, that’s what My DC Handyman offers.

Specialized Painters In The DC Region

We have several teams of painting experts, each with their own specialty: cornice painting, wrought iron painting, woodwork, exterior staircase, balcony, interior paint, garage floor paint, etc. All are precision experts, some work at heights, others are experts in residential exterior painting while many are specialized in interior painting, both residential and commercial. Whatever your painting project, we have the team you need for a great success.

Often, the painting will be the last step in a project and this is where the final decor will take place. It’s the magic of colors! At My DC Handyman, we want your project to be perfect.

Hire a reliable team of painters for your work in Washington, D.C.

Interior or exterior painting? One painter or ten of them? No matter what your requirements are, we have got you covered. We know that the meeting deadline is important and we have the staff to deliver quality services on time. Often, some renovations have gone over time and it is us, the paint team who must compensate by doing the paint job quickly. Painting is often the last step before a grand opening, or before a move and you can’t afford to be late, so it’s important to rely on reliable painters. 

Free estimates, affordable pricing!

Prior to starting any painting project, it is important that you get the precise estimate for the project along with the completion time of the project. You can call us to get the best estimates for the paint job of your house or office, and our affordable pricing and excellent service will compel you to choose us. 

Highlighting Features Of Our Painting Service:

  1. Wrought iron painting
  2. Metal paint and roofing
  3. Painting woodwork and windows
  4. Garage floor paint
  5. Plaster and joint paint
  6. Kitchen painting
  7. Bathroom painting
  8. Ceiling painting
  9. Painting exterior stain, patio & fence, etc.

We offer very high-quality paintwork. In addition, our years of experience in the field allows us to carry out your projects with care and according to your criteria. Since we are very aware that outsourcing your work to unknown painters can be a source of concern, but we are very flexible in terms of work schedules and do everything we can to reassure you. To hire one of our experienced painters, give us a call today. 




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