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Deck Staining

Staining your deck is the best way to protect it. Wood is a material of high quality and beauty. A deck suffers a lot due to rain, sun and temperature variations, therefore, it becomes important to find the best solution to the deteriorating deck, which is reliable and at the same time, easy to perform as well. Deck staining is one such method, which is widely used to protect the decks from natural and man-made atrocities.

Benefits Of Staining a deck are:

  1. The deck’s surface becomes less slippery after a heavy downpour. 
  2. Keep the natural beauty of the wood intact.
  3. Stains are available in different colors, so you can choose the color that perfectly matches the colors of your house.

Stain your deck for a better looking and long-lasting deck, but make sure to hire an expert for the task, something we at ‘My DC Handyman’ can help you with. We have a team of handymen who are proficient in deck repair and staining, so hiring one of our professionals will ensure fast and efficient deck staining at the most competitive rates. 

We help you choose the right type of stain for your deck!

There are different types of stains available on the market like;

  1. Clear – This one is applied when the customer wants to view the natural grains of the wood, but the drawback of this stain is that it doesn’t protect the wood against UV rays.
  2. Toner – This one too has a light tone and is great for viewing the natural grains of the wood, but is quite durable.
  3. Semi-Transparent – For a rich, pigmented color, you can choose this type of stain, which by the way also has great durability.
  4. Solid – This is the best type of stain, as it covers up the blemishes on the wood for a long time. 

How to stain your deck?

  1. The deck must be clean and dust-free. Make sure there is no presence of mold, mildew, moss or any other elements, which are harmful to the wood. 
  2. If the wood is gray and oxidized, it can be cleaned with detergent or gray remover for aesthetic reasons so that the wood shaft is visible.
  3. The wood must be clean and free of old varnishes and paints. Sanding/grinding is indispensable. After sanding the deck, apply a coating of stain.
  4. Make sure the wood is dry.
  5. Fill all other holes with a high-quality bitumen.
  6. Paint deck with the stain. Apply two coats without sanding/grinding between coats.
  7. Do not paint wooden decks in direct sunlight or when the wood is too hot because the stain won’t be applied properly then. Stains dry in the early hours of the day when the sunlight is just barely there.
  8. See the periodicity of maintenance. Usually, every 1 to 2 years do maintenance.

Call an experienced company to stain your deck in the most suitable way. Our talented and trained individuals can help your deck look great once again in the quickest of times and at the most affordable charges. 




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