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Handyman Services DC is a family-owned and operated business aiming to deliver the best handyman services in Washington, D.C., and nearby areas. No matter what the job at hand, we have a team of capable and experienced individuals who will get it done right. We boast vast experience in the field of painting, deck repair, deck staining, drywall repairs, and kitchen remodeling, etc. We are a full-service handyman company offer quick and reliable solutions to the problems you or others don’t have time to fix. Handyman Service DC provide quality craftsmanship along with professional customer service, something that our customers are highly appreciative of. What’s the purpose of searching for painters, repairmen, contractor and other service providers on different portals, when you can hire all of them under one roof! Just call us to hire a DC handyman for carrying out the best repair services at the most affordable price.
Our professional crew is capable of handling your multiple trade projects along with other to-do list items effortlessly. Our DC handyman provides a complete solution so that your home or business looks its absolute best. So, contact us to request for a handyman when you have a project related to carpentry, electrical fittings, plumbing, tile repairing and replacement, kitchen remodeling, any emergency repair or general maintenance at home or office. Our comprehensive handyman services in Washington DC span through all areas of your house or business, from the garage to deck and kitchen to bathroom, etc. All the sophisticated repair tools are aptly operated by our handymen, which reduces the job hours and the overall cost of the project. Get over a phone call in order to request the price estimate details.


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Here are the jobs you can hire our licensed handyman services for in DC:

Painting & Drywall

A new paint job is the easiest and most economical way to give your house a much-needed facelift. Our handyman can help you with all your painting projects. Boasting a vast experience and successful track record, our handyman will outline a proper plan and then, carry out the paint job accordingly. We have a team of professionals who are capable of painting interiors and exteriors of the building using quality and lead-free paints. You have no idea how beautiful your house will look after a successful paint job.
Our handymen are apt in delivering fast and cost effective drywall service, so if the walls of your house or office have holes, unevenness or a bumpy surface, then use our drywall service to get rid of these. Other issues with walls include cracked and falling plaster, which is again something that our handymen are proficient in fixing. Simply put, our professionals can transform your apartment or office according to your preference in the minimum time and expenses. Here is what you will get after hiring our handyman services:

  1. Interior/Exterior Painting.
  2. Ceiling Repair.
  3. Drywall/Sheetrock installation and repair.
  4. Plaster repair.
  5. Paint matching.
  6. Caulking.
  7. Finishing.
  8. Lead paint testing, etc.

Whether your drywall is in a bad condition or you want to repaint your house, always rely on a reputed company because only a company with a strong reputation and a large customer base can deliver impeccable results in the quickest of times.

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is an integral part of any house, and if it is not in good shape, then it won’t be possible to cook satisfying meals there. Our handymen furnish planned remodeling, allowing customers to have their preferred choices of flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances and other vital elements. DC Handyman is serving a wide range of kitchen remodeling services, such as:
  1.     Design.
  2.     Cabinets.
  3.     Lighting.
  4.     Countertops.
  5.     Renovations.
  6.     Fixtures.
  7.     Flooring.
  8.     Cabinets.
  9.     General Maintenance
Pick up your phone and call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our handymen to get a perfectly remodeled kitchen.

Deck Repair

We are inundated with calls from customers wanting to repair their decks and porches. We believe that the reason behind receiving such a large number of calls is the trust that people have on our handyman service. They know that only professional and experienced individuals can restore their deteriorated decks and porches. Wooden decks suffer a lot due to humid weather conditions, but any deck stain or damage can be fixed using the right tools and practices, which only our handymen area aware of.

We at our family owned handyman service are proud to have undertaken a wide range of deck and porch repair projects, especially in the spring, and it gives us immense pleasure to say that we are going with a 100% track record in terms of customer satisfaction.

To thank veterans, active duty military, National Guard, reservists and their families for their service, as well as EMS professionals, My DC Handyman is proud to provide a 15% discount on our services

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With several years of experience in the construction and building sector in Washington DC, we can assure you of our remodeling and repair services. We employ the best handymen in DC who can perform small jobs to big and complicated ones with sincerity and perfection. We are a group of passionate individuals delivering exceptional remodeling and handyman services. Hiring us will give you peace of mind because we follow a strict quality code, which allows us to perform the tasks at hand in a lesser number of hours. Go online and search for the reviews given to us by our customers and you will get to know how efficient and affordable we are. For free estimates and the best deal of the day & offers on handyman services, call us today!

Address: 1300 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202-410-4847

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My DC Handyman is located right in the downtown of Washington DC near Chinatown and Ford’s Theater. It is close to the White House as well, just a half mile walk away. Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital and one of the most historic cities in the US. As a tourist destination, the city boasts many sites including the National Mall, various Smithsonian Museums and the Zoological Park, the Tidal Basin, the National Arboretum, and various government buildings. Washington DC has an estimated population of 702,455 as of July 2018. However, the greater metropolitan area, which includes surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs ring the estimated population to 6.2 million residents. With its huge population and commercial districts, My DC Handyman pledges to meet the needs of those needing painting services, drywall repair, deck repair, and bathroom/kitchen renovations. We offer our services to the entire DMV area. This includes Fairfax County, Alexandria, Springfield, Bethesda, and Silver Spring which are surrounding cities part of the metropolitan area.

Directions from My DC Handyman, 1300 I St NW, Washington, DC 20005 to Washington National Cathedral, 3101 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016: Head west on I St. NW for about a quarter mile. Turn right on 15th St. NW. Turn left on Massachusetts Ave NW. Stay on Massachusetts Ave NW for 2 miles. Turn right on 34th St. NW and then after half a mile take a left on Woodley Rd. NW and you will arrive at the Washington National Cathedral. Total time – 16 minutes

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