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Drywall Installation

Need to install drywall? My Handyman DC is at your disposal for the installation of all types of drywall in Washington, D.C., and nearby areas. The team will be able to advise you on the most suitable products for your site (plasterboard, cellular panels, etc.)

Drywall Installation

We have a team of experts who will guide you with drywall installation. This service is ideal for the development of roof spaces or for the creation of additional rooms.

Whether you are developing a new building or renovating your existing structure, drywall is extremely important. We will provide you with all the details as to which type of material, you should install and how much will it cost you.

Fast And Reliable Drywall Installation Service In Washington, D.C.

Do you have interior work? Do you need to install drywall? Do you want to partition space to add a room or arrange your attic?

My DC Handyman offers services for the realization of all your drywall installation works. We will take care of all your assembly and dismantling of partitions for the layout of your space. It assembles the partitions while respecting the integration of other elements.

The installation of drywall is ideal for your renovation, development and layout projects. The drywall is lighter, faster and easier than traditional walls. They are very useful for renovating dwellings, fitting out attics, insulating and arranging rooms upstairs. Dry partitions are used to divide rooms.


Difference between Drywall, Blueboard, and Plastering?

Before you opt for drywall installation, it is important for you to understand the difference between three similar items such as Drywall, Blueboard and Plastering. Where most companies use jargon and unfamiliar terms to discuss these three materials, our drywall experts will guide you in the most suitable manner. 


A blend of calcium sulfate and gypsum, drywall has been a staple in homes for the past many decades. Drywall boards are available in different lengths, ranging from 8 feet to 16 feet with the width being stable at 4 feet.


The new trend in drywall installation is Blueboard, which unlike regular drywall doesn’t have joints connected with the joint compound. Blueboard makes use of special blue coating rather than a paper coating, which is used in traditional drywall. Blue paper is developed using a special formula, which bonds nicely with the plaster. 


Plastering makes use of a 3-step process that involves gypsum. Plaster walls are properly secured on wood strips or metal. However, the multiple layers involved in the creation of plaster walls make it time-consuming as well. With so many layers made, the walls become thicker, which is excellent for soundproofing. Moreover, plastic walls have excellent fire-resistant properties.  

Expertise At Your Service

To improve the energy performance of your home, our drywall expert will provide you with a fast and efficient service. Our drywall installation team strives to deliver high-quality work. You can get in touch with us for creating drywall for kitchens, bathrooms, offices or any other room.

To fit out your attic or separate an existing room in two, the installation of drywall is essential, and there is no one in Washington, D.C., which offers a faster and more affordable drywall installation.




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